Betula nigra

River Birch

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Hardiness Zone

4a (ref. University of Florida)

Region of Origin

Eastern North America

Mother Tree located in

Burlington, Vermont

Seeds Type

Orthodox, that is to say seeds with the capability to withstand desiccation and freezing temperatures (-20°C) and may therefore be conserved for years, if not decades.


Scarification : No scarification needed.
Stratification : No stratification needed.
Seedlings : Remove the content from the bag and sow winged nutlet by broadcasting them on the growth medium. Bury the seeds very lightly, less than one millimeter from the soil surface.
Comments : As for seeds of many other birches, it is likely that River Birch seeds would require light to germinate. However, informations that are available in the scientific literature are conflicting. As a preventive measure, it is suggested to sow the seeds at the surface of growth medium or at a very shallow depth (about 1 mm under the surface).