10 to 35% discounts according to the chosen quantity

February 22, 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, we introduced new quantity discounts. These latter can make you save 10 to 35% on the regular price of all plants we produce at the nursery. The greatest thing about these discounts is that every client can take advantage of them ; they are not just accessible to the businesses which buy a lot or to the private individuals with big projects, but to everyone. Normally, if you want big nice discounts of 20% or more, you will have to buy dozens, if not hundreds, of times the same product in the same transaction. Going forward, Arbo-Quebecium will give you 20% discount if you buy only ten plants of the same species. 25% for fifteen, 30% for twenty and 35% (yes, you read it right... 35 % !) when you buy twenty-five plants or more.

When we have started to think about this range of discounts, we were planning to offer four different percentages (20, 25, 30 and 35%). But, at the last minute, we have decided to add one more discount and thus make a favor to our valued customers which permit us, day after day, to make the job we like to do. This quantity discount cut 10% on the regular price if you choose to buy only five plants of the same species. Five plants, you have to admit that it's not a lot. So, don't waste time and start saving now. But, don't worry, because it's not a special offer which last for a limited time. These quantity discounts are here to stay.

Every time you will see this table, the quantity discounts are effective. Please click here to see an example.

Discount according to the chosen Quantity
5 plants 10 plants 15 plants 20 plants 25 plants
-10% -20% -25% -30% -35%

This table appears on all product sheets of every plant (trees, shrubs and, in a not too far future, herbaceous perennials) we have on our online nursery. You don't have to do anything to make these discounts apply. The price is automatically adjusted, in real time, according to the chosen quantity. No promotional code to enter. Nothing !

Please note that these discounts are not effective on the seeds we sell. Another system of discounts is already in place for them (packets of 10, 100, 1000, etc.).