Aesculus hippocastanum


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Hardiness Zone

4b (ref. Hydro-Québec)

Region of Origin

Balkans or Southeast Europe

Mother Tree located in

Sherbrooke, Québec
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Horsechestnut is common in parks and cemeteries of Montreal. Its flowers are greatly appreciated, they are white, stained red and grouped in large panicles of 15 to 30 cm in height. The flowers are very showy for the major part of the month of June.

Like the American Buckeye (Aesculus glabra), the leaves are compound - from five to nine leaflets - and sometimes remind hemp leaves...

The fruits, generally abundant, are decorative but toxic to most living beings... except squirrels !

This tree tolerates urban conditions, yet fears late frost and drought.

cm ↕︎ : plant height
multicell. : wrapped root ball plug from a propagation tray
pot 1 gal. : wrapped root ball from a one gallon container