Cladrastis kentukea


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Hardiness Zone

4a (ref. University of Florida)

Region of Origin

Southeastern United States

Mother Tree located in

Montréal, Québec

Seeds Type

Orthodox, that is to say seeds with the capability to withstand desiccation and freezing temperatures (-20°C) and may therefore be conserved for years, if not decades.

For germination, you must...

1. allow 24 HOURS for seed treatment;
2. subject them to a mechanical scarification OR thermal scarification before sowing (follow the steps below in order).

Mechanical or thermal scarification : Drill or sand the seed coat (shell) in order to slightly expose the endosperm (interior). This first method can be replaced by soaking the seeds in freshly boiled water - but which no longer boils - at a temperature which is therefore very close to the boiling point. Let the water cool normally for 24 hours. Following this process, several seeds should have swelled from their original size. Repeat this step for the seeds that have not changed in size and therefore have not been scarified properly.
Scarification : This step should be done only on seeds that have been scarified mechanically. There is no need to do this scarification if thermal scarification has been chosen instead of mechanical scarification. Soak the seeds in water at room temperature for 24 hours. These should swell if the mechanical scarification has been well done.
Stratification : No stratification needed.
Seedlings : Lightly dry the seeds so they no longer stick together. It will then be easier to handle them. Sow the seeds by broadcasting them on the growth medium. Bury the seeds very lightly, less than five millimeters from the soil surface.
Comments : The seed coat (shell) is hard and impermeable; that is why it is important to damage it somewhat. Germination will not start until water gets inside the seed.