Aesculus glabra

American Buckeye

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Early August 2019

Hardiness Zone

3b (ref. Hydro-Québec)

Region of Origin

Midwestern United States and Southern Ontario

Mother Tree located in

Sherbrooke, Québec

Although the American Buckeye is not the most attractive of the Buckeye trees, it has the advantage of being quite rustic. It can be planted up to zone C3.

Its flowers are not particularly spectacular - when compared to the flowers of the Horsechestnut for example. However, its large leaves composed of five leaflets, and somewhat resembling to a hemp leaf, are not very common and certainly constitute the main attraction of the American Buckeye.

This small tree, rarely exceeding eight meters high and six meters wide, is a prime candidate where spacing must be considered.

The American Buckeye is relatively well adapted to urban conditions.