Betula populifolia

Gray Birch

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Hardiness Zone

3a (ref. Missouri Botanical Garden)

Region of Origin

Northeastern North America

Mother Tree located in

Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, Québec
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Gray Birch is a small tree - often shrub form - which has important similarities with the Paper Birch. It may be appropriate to plant this tree when it's desired to have a small tree that does not take too much space and not too fussy. In fact, this small birch can grow in a wide range of soils, whatever the degree of moisture.

Like the Paper Birch, Gray Birch is a pioneer species that is often among the first to colonize areas that have been disturbed (after the passage of a fire for example). It's also a species that is often found on farmland left fallow.

The leaves of the Gray Birch resemble to the leaves of a poplar. Just as the leaves of the latter, they tremble at the slightest gust of wind, which is not bad at a small summer breeze... It's also for this reason that the latin name of this birch has the qualifier populifolia (poplar).

cm ↕︎ : plant height
multicell. : wrapped root ball plug from a propagation tray
pot 1 gal. : wrapped root ball from a one gallon container