Gleditsia triacanthos


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Hardiness Zone

3 (ref. Missouri Botanical Garden)

Region of Origin

Midwestern United States and Southern Ontario

Mother Tree located in

Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Québec
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Honey-Locust is a tree that has been used to develop a huge number of cultivars. Generally, we greatly appreciate the tree for the singular shade it provides. Its large leaves, with small rounded leaflets, produce this very light shade...

This species of locust is very tolerant to urban conditions (compaction, de-icing salts, air pollution, etc.), making it a favoured town tree.

Although the different varieties of Honey-Locust are very common and widespread in landscape design, the "original" Honey-Locust is rather rare. Different cultivars from this locust have mostly been produced, because we wanted to get rid of the thorns that usually cover the trunk and branches of this tree... But now, this is the opportunity to purchase it in its purest and most natural version !

cm ↕︎ : plant height
multicell. : wrapped root ball plug from a propagation tray
pot 1 gal. : wrapped root ball from a one gallon container