Asimina triloba


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Hardiness Zone

4b (Successfully verified in this zone)

Region of Origin

East Central North America

Mother Tree located in

Carrollton, Ohio

Seeds Type

Uncertain, that is to say seeds that could be orthodox, intermediate or recalcitrant. This information is still unknown for the moment.

For germination, you must...

1. allow FOUR MONTHS for seed treatment;
2. subject them to a scarification AND a cold stratification before sowing (follow the steps below in order).

Scarification : Soak the pips in water at room temperature for 24 hours.
Stratification : Place the pips in a bag (Ziploc Slider type) containing slightly premoistened peat moss. Seeds should be surrounded by the latter. Close the bag and place it in cool storage (between 1°C and 5°C) for approximately four months.
Seedlings : Remove the content from the bag and sow the pips one by one. Bury lightly, less than a centimeter from the surface of the soil. Be patient !