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Wooden Tree Caliper

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Tree Caliper designed and built entirely in the specialized woodshop Ébénisterie Normand Gladu, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Made of sugar maple, this instrument is impact resistant and not brittle at all. Although the wood is very dense and sturdy, its fine silhouette does not make it too heavy as it has a weight of just over a kilogram.

This tool, graduated in millimeters, will allow you to accurately measure the diameter of the largest trees that you have to inventoried. The mobile arm glides lightly along the rule and goes up to a maximum length of 100 or 143 cm depending on the model. Trees exceeding 143 cm in diameter are extremely rare in Quebec. The instrument is finished with Danish oil and should be stored inside.

Note that on special request, the metric ruler can be substituted by an imperial ruler.