Castanea dentata

American Chestnut

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Hardiness Zone

4b (Successfully verified in this zone)

Region of Origin

Eastern United States and Southern Ontario

Mother Tree located in

Québec, Québec
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Arbo-Quebecium is one of the few websites selling American chestnut seedlings, an extremely rare tree, which is to the brink of extinction... It was formerly abundant in Eastern North America and southern Ontario. Unfortunately, a disease imported from Asia flatly decimated it...

This tree has the ability to endure winters in southern Québec. Moreover, some trees of appreciable dimensions exist in the Quebec City area and elsewhere in the province. Since the natural range of the American chestnut does not include Quebec, it is reasonable to believe that the disease (Endothia parasitica) is not really present within the Quebec borders. This may be the chance to successfully grow this tree safe from its centenary enemy...

Before, the American chestnut was very popular, and this in many ways. Its wood is very durable and easy to work. In the past, it was used for the manufacture of furniture and for outdoor equipment which was intended to be exposed to the elements (fences, railway sleepers, etc.). Its fruit, simply called chestnuts, are very high in carbohydrates and are particularly appreciated in the kitchen.

Such as oak, it can grow in many soil types. However, it prefers sandy or gravelly soils that are well drained. It is considered as an intermediate shade tolerant. Even before the twentieth century (before the disease made its appearance in America), this tree has never really been a city tree. It was qualify as a countryside tree.