Acer rubrum

Red Maple

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Hardiness Zone

3a (ref. Hydro-Québec)

Region of Origin

Eastern North America

Mother Tree located in

Sherbrooke, Québec

Red Maple is particularly appreciated for its fall colors. The small serrated leaves of this maple literally ignite from the beginning of September. It's therefore spectacular during this part of the year.

This tree, medium-sized, is not at all fussy and can grow in a wide variety of habitats. Moreover, its distribution covers the entire North American East Coast, from Newfoundland to Florida. That's saying something...

It may also be appropriate to plant this tree in the riparian strip, as it copes well in wet conditions or even very wet. In addition, Red Maple is very tolerant to annual periodic flooding. Thus, it's a tree that can be useful to control erosion and stabilize soils along the rivers.