Carya laciniosa

Shellbark Hickory

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Hardiness Zone

5a (Successfully verified in this zone)

Region of Origin

Midwestern United States and Ontario

Mother Tree located in

Montréal, Québec
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Shellbark Hickory is a very rare species in Canada. Its hardiness is not very well established and that is why we have to conduct tests in Quebec to see if it can survive within the borders of the province... Unlike the Red Hickory - whose hardiness is also uncertain - Shellbark Hickory is not a "Montagnard" tree ; it only grows in the valleys and alluvial plains, where the soil is damp or wet.

Shellbark Hickory is a beautiful tree, similar to Shagbark Hickory which is found naturally in the Montreal region. Like the latter, the bark comes off in the extremities and thus gives rise to long strips, holding the trunk through the middle only. This gives a unique appearance to this majestic tree.

The kernel that produces the Shellbark Hickory is edible and of good taste.

cm ↕︎ : plant height
multicell. : wrapped root ball plug from a propagation tray
pot 1 gal. : wrapped root ball from a one gallon container