Fraxinus americana

White Ash

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Hardiness Zone

3b (ref. Hydro-Québec)

Region of Origin

Eastern North America

Mother Tree located in

Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, Québec
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The White Ash is a beautiful tree, typical of southern Quebec forests. It has been planted extensively in most cities in Quebec and Ontario. This is explained by the fact that this tree is adapted to urban conditions. It is therefore relatively tolerant to compaction, de-icing salts and urban pollution.

It is not uncommon to find that tree in hardwood plantations. Indeed, there are several advantages to plant this species of ash trees. It is not very temperamental ; it grows rapidly and gives a good wood quality that is appreciated by cabinet makers. Commercially, it is a timber that is worth its weight in gold...

At the landscape level, white ash is also very interesting. Especially in autumn, the trees are distinguished by their purple bronze foliage. At maturity, it has a beautiful silvery gray bark pattern of intertwined lozenges.